Matagalpa, Nicaragua Scholarship Sponsor Opportunities

Global Solidarity Partnership Opportunity!
Diocese of Gaylord/Diocese of Matagalpa, Nicaragua

One of the primary requests made to us by Bishop Rolando Alvarez of our Sister Diocese of Matagalpa is for the continuing support of Scholarships for particularly poor children at two of the Diocese’s schools:  Sor Maria Romero Middle School which is located in a rural part of the Diocese of Matagalpa, and Pope John Paul II College in the city of Matagalpa itself.  Both schools are relatively new and are growing. Bishop Rolando has requested help with scholarships at the Middle School and at the College to help ensure that more interested students, regardless of family income, might be able to attend. Would you please consider supporting a student in our Sister Diocese?

If all the scholarships get funded, a student may be assigned to each sponsor and letter exchanges will be possible through the Dioceses.  Additionally, if you travel to Matagalpa with one of our Diocesan groups you might have an opportunity to meet your sponsored student!

Scholarships cost only $240 for the entire calendar year at both schools!  Payments would be made to the Diocese of Gaylord, and may easily be paid in lump-sum or convenient automatic monthly payments. Donations are tax deductible.

If you have questions or would like to arrange a sponsorship, please contact:   

Fr. Wayne Dziekan,  OR Rhonda Reynolds at the Diocesan Office,  989.732.5147

Thank you very much for your consideration to support our Partnership between the Diocese of Gaylord and the Diocese of Matagalpa, Nicaragua!

CLICK HERE to view and print the Matagalp Scholarship Agreement Form