Devotion to the Sacred Heart

On October 17th the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun who lived in the late 17th century.  She had visions of Jesus who came to her asking her to promote devotion to his Sacred Heart.  His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke states in his book The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that, “Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the most effective means of living always in the company of our Lord Jesus Whom we receive in Holy Communion.  It consists of an ardent love for Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist with grief at seeing him so little honored, and it includes acts of reparation for the contempt and offenses committed against him.” 

What Are Home Enthronements?
This is where families give The Sacred Heart of Jesus kingship of their home by enthroning a picture or a statue of the Sacred Heart.  In this way we invite the constant companionship of Jesus into our homes.  There is a three day preparation, with prayers for the family to pray together.  This is followed by the priest coming to perform the rite of enthronement.  With so many difficulties in our family lives it’s so important that we take the time to entrust ourselves completely to the loving Heart of Jesus to receive his grace and guidance. 

How do we prepare for a Home Enthronement?
Any time that we do something really important, we always take lots of time to prepare.  If we desire to consecrate our lives and our families to Christ, which of course a very important step in discipleship, we should take ample time to get our hearts ready for it.  Really that is what Christ is after, our hearts.  He wants to have them, to take them to himself, to heal them and to transform them.  He will do this if we are willing to give them to him.  It’s important to take the time to prepare our hearts so that we become ready for a complete gift of self to him.

So the preparation consists of the following;

  1. See your pastor or another priest to set a date for the enthronement.
  2. Have entire family receive Holy Communion at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered on the day of the enthronement.
  3. Procure a beautiful picture or statue of the Sacred Heart, if you do not already have one.
  4. Prepare a "throne," a table or mantelpiece. Cover it with white cloth and decorate with flowers and candles. Place picture or statue on small table near "throne." Place pictures of departed and absent family members around "throne." Have holy water handy.
  5. Gather the family together every day for three days prior to the enthronement to offer up the prayers of preparation. 
  6. Invite your relatives and friends for the ceremony.
  7. Have a family party after the ceremony. Make the day as solemn as possible.

Where can we find the preparation prayers?
If you would like to do a Home Enthronement the Parish office will have pamphlets of the three days of preparation available for pick up.