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The following letter was sent out in June 2016 to all alumni from our Rector Fr. Don Geyman and Principal Nicole Hatch.  If you did not receive this mailing, it probably means that we do not have up to date contact information for you - please click on the link above to update your contact information.

Dear St. Mary Cathedral School Alumni,

As one of 17 Catholic schools within the Diocese of Gaylord, we are here to provide a distinctly Catholic education with the highest standards of academic excellence. We exist to teach and pass on our Catholic faith, values and lifestyle, preparing our students to be the leaders of their time, guided by their faith and strong moral values.  We take great pride in the role we have in carrying out our school’s mission and goals.

While this is very important, one area that is often overlooked and underfunded is building improvements. While not a glamorous part of education, it is necessary in providing a healthy environment for both the faculty to teach and the students to learn.

Unfortunately, our current boilers are more than 50 years old, and  in dire need of replacement before the next school year begins in the fall.  This is a significant expense for our small school and we are reaching out to our cherished alumni to ask for your support.

No one knows our school better than our alumni. You remember how hot the gym can get, you know which classrooms are colder than others, and you’ve experienced how our faith community has proudly supported our small but faithful school - past, present and future.

Even though we collect tuition and host an annual fundraiser, we raise enough to maintain, but not enough to have extra funds available for much needed capital improvements.  Gifts from our alumni can change that, opening doors for possibilities not yet imagined or helping us to control the unforeseen costs that lay ahead.  The total cost of the new heating system is a significant expense and we need your help.  Please consider a gift to not only support your alma mater but to help keep our “future alumni” warm and protected.

In Christ,  Fr. Don Geyman, Rector & Nicole Hatch, Principal

Many of you may fondly remember those old school heating units in your classrooms, constantly blowing heat and keeping everyone warm during those cold Northern Michigan days.  For the past few winters now, our students have had to dress a little warmer during colder months because that old boiler isn’t able to do its job any longer.  In fact, there was one day that school had to be closed because the boiler had completely shut down. 

Those old heating units you remember are from the 50’s and 60’s and the boiler, well, let’s just say it’s ancient!  The school has certainly done its due diligence, with repairs and band aids over the years; but the time has come to retire the schools current heating system and replace it with more efficient units.

The school has receive several quotes for the project and has chosen local contractors to complete the job this summer.  Individual heating/cooling units will be placed in every classroom as well as other areas of the school along with other necessary electrical upgrades.

There are many advantages to this new system, which include:

  • Ability to regulate temperatures in each classroom and area of the school; adjusting a classroom that isn’t being used or areas that get too warm or cold, bringing energy savings and efficiency to the building;
  • Keeping our students comfortable and making the school environment conducive to learning; our littlest learners can be warmed up quickly on winter mornings, and we can respond to the changing temperature needs of our growing adolescents;
  • Increased air handling and circulation throughout the school and gymnasium; benefits to those suffering from allergies, better health and air quality;
  • Individual units can be repaired easily without shutting down the entire system.

Please consider this opportunity to support your Catholic school and help keep our children warm and healthy for many years to come.

What is the Alumni Matching Gift Challenge?  With gratitude to several generous alumni, parishioners and friends of St. Mary Cathedral School, we have been given a head start to fund the project.  Those individuals would like to challenge St. Mary School Alumni to match their combined gifts of $130,000. 

Consider donating $1 for every day you were in high school (that’s $720); or the year you graduated (1985=$1,985).  No gift is too small - every gift will help us reach our $130,000 challenge goal.

Choose to pay in full or with payments over one or two years.

There are several convenient ways for you to give: 

  • Print a copy of the  Alumni Update & Giving Challenge Form and mail to St. Mary Cathedral, School Heating & Cooling Project, 606 N. Ohio Avenue, Gaylord, MI  49735.
  • Email your completed copy of above form to
  • Fax your completed copy of above form to the parish office at 989.705.3585

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  • Annual mission trip to Nicaragua.
  • Introduction of curriculum structured on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas; school-wide monthly service projects focused on a different virtue each month.
  • High School & Middle School Youth In Government programs; MJP Team captured State YIG Title.
  • The Carmelite Chapter of the National Honor Society active in our school.
  • Students participated and received high honors at the annual State Solo & Ensemble music festival.
  • Many opportunities for athletic participation with local, regional, state and national recognition.
  • Students traveled to Suttons Bay to participate in the Inland Seas Schooner to learn about our Great Lakes.
  • Students together embraced the moments of watching Pope Francis’ historical visit to the United States.
  • One-to-one computing model where every student has access to current software and a digital learning environment.
  • 21 New St. Mary Cathedral School Alumni - Congratulations Class of 2016!


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