Family Faith Formation

We begin our Family Faith Formation religious education program on September 13th.  We are focusing on Wednesday evenings for this program to enhance other sacramental opportunities which occur on that evening.  These opportunities include daily Mass at 5pm and the Sacrament of Reconciliation at 7pm.  Family Faith Formation will begin at 5:45pm and run untill 7pm and will be offered for Preschool through 5th grade as well as for adults.  The schedule is generally twice a month on Wednesdays and will be held in the Cooney Conference Center in the Diocese of Gaylord Pastoral Center. 

We will be basing our program on specific themes which will apply to all classes.  The cost for the entire year is $20.  Please note: those families who have children preparing for First Communion and Confirmation will receive this instruction outside the Family Faith Formation format.  You may also register through the parish office or simply come and register once classes begin.  These evenings are a great opportunity for your family to share in growing in knowledge and faith in relationship to Christ and His Church. 

Family Faith Formation Calendar
St. Mary Cathedral

13                                Protecting Family/Children and Circle of Grace
27                                12 Apostles (who were they, lives)

11                                Bible (overview, set up, where to find...)
25                                Prayer (types, experience various types)

8                                 Liturgical Year

6                                  Advent (kids practice for Nativity skit)
20                                The Nativity skit/reader's theater for parents and pass out 'gifts'

January 2018
3                                  God Sightings/Moments (how to be open to God)
18                                Change (how to begin, reconciliation is a beginning)
31                                Mercy (saints that exemplify mercy)

21                                Lent
28                                Hymnody (how do you choose, Dr. Wayne?)

14                                Beatitudes
21                                Evangelization (what are we called to do?  Why?  Inviting others)

11                                Resurrection
25                                Family Life (building strong families, routines, meals, prayer, mass, obey parents)

9                                  Our Lady of Guadalupe and other Marian themes



We are looking for adult classroom assistants to help the catechists on Wednesday evenings.

Call the parish office or Ami Peterson 989-858-1444 if interested.